8 Ways to Help You Grow Closer to God

The title is pretty much a tell all. So, here are eight ways that I have found help me feel closer to God. I am sure there are many other ways but, these are just a few.​
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           1. Pray

   That one is a given.

Just ask him to help you to grow closer to him each day. Ask for you to experience his presence more and more in your life.

Don’t just pray about those things though. God wants you to get to know him. He cares about every part of your life. Tell him about everything. Just have a conversation with him. Pray all the time,be in constant communication.. 🙂

Also, when you pray, go to a quiet place. A place where you won’t be disturbed with the problems of the day. If it is nice outside, I love to take walks.

                                                                                                2.Study the Bible

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.    

                          John 1:1 KJV

Immersing yourself in the Bible is a huge help. It helps you to better understand God and the way he wants us all to live. If you ever have any questions about what is right or what is wrong, check the Bible. If you are going through something hard in life and you need encouragement, check the Bible.

God gave it to us for a reason. To tell us how He wants us to live. To tell us about Him. How the world was made. How he sent Jesus, his only begotten Son, to die for our sins. The Bible also encourages us and give us the tools so that we too can encourage others.

The best ways to grow closer to someone is to get to know them and have them get to know you too. When it comes to God studying the Bible and praying are two surefire ways to do just that.

           3.Get a Devotional

I have an amazing devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Each day I look forward to reading it. She wrote it so it’s like Jesus is talking directly to you. I don’t have the morning and evening edition, but I wish I did. I always have to make sure I only read one each day. Sometimes I want to read ahead, I enjoy it so much.

That is beside the point, though. The point is having a devotional gives you a little piece of advice. They are a short little passage that you can try to apply to your life. They are especially nice if you are in a hurry and want something to mull over. Or at night if you are tired and want something nice to think of as you drift off.

To me, it seems, to help a great deal on my journey with Christ.

        4. Read Christian Oriented and Inspiring Books

This one kind of ties into the whole devotional thing. Reading books that encourage you in your walk  with God help a lot!

Some of my favorites are Live Original by Sadie Robertson and Magnetic by Lynn Cowell.

           5. Good Music

Listen to Christian music. Find some artists that inspire you. I love listening to music about God, love, and hope. No matter my mood it never fails to lift my spirit and raise my eyes to the only One that truly matters.

One of my favorite verses in the Bible is Proverbs 4:23. Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. (NIV)

I really like that verse because it reminds me that the  things I watch, read, listen to, or do affect me. The things that I surround myself with help make me the person that I am and the person I will be. So, I definitely want to make sure that those things are the things God approves of.

I’m not saying that secular music is bad and not to listen to it. Beware though, if your listening to a song and it talks about things you don’t agree with then you probably shouldn’t be listening to it.

As a good rule of thumb, ask yourself, “How does this affect my relationship with Christ?” If you really are serious about your relationship with Him then make sure you get rid of anything in your life that is trying to pull you farther away. It’s hard to do but totally worth it. It is something I struggle with all the time.

         6. Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with amazing people. People that have the same beliefs as you and encourage you on your walk with Christ.

          7. Go to Church

 Although, you don’t need to go to Church to be a Christian (just because you go doesn’t necessarily mean you are one either) it’s a great thing to do! Going to Church each week is kinda like filling up your gas tank. It re-inspires you, reminds you of why you believe what you believe. It also helps you accomplish a little bit of 2 and 5. 🙂

          8. Have a Prayer Journal

Write down what you pray about. In the future you can look back and see how God answered that prayer or if He didn’t how things still worked out anyway.

I hope this helped a little. Good luck on your amazing journey with God!!



8 thoughts on “8 Ways to Help You Grow Closer to God

  1. Wow! So knowledgable! I loved it! And yes! Jesus Calling is amazing! I love getting words from the Lord, it always makes me smile! Haha! =) There’s soooo many ways to “keep the fire burning” of the Holy Spirit and not become spiritually asleep. I have to ask the Lord to give me the desires of His heart so that my hunger for His word never dies. God is just sooo amazing! Lol! I can’t even with all the things He’s done for me and the close people around me. He’s always opening doors and speaking to us! =)


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your welcome! I’ll def be praying for you! You have an amazing gift of touching people with God’s sweet words. =) I know the Lord will bless you abundantly for searching Him out whole heartedly. Don’t stop seeking after Him! He’s so worth it! =)

    Liked by 1 person

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