Ever feel like you are not doing anything in life? You want to serve God but don’t know how. You just keep waiting for Him to just bring you to that amazing point in your life. The point  where you are actually accomplishing something for Him? I mean, you hear all those Bible verses and people saying that what God has in store for you in better than you can imagine etc. You’re probably thinking well when does that happen? I only have so many days on this earth I don’t want half of them or more to go to waste.

Well, each day that you have on this earth God has specially planned for you. He most likely has you right where He wants you. If by chance you don’t believe He does then be sure to pray about. Ask Him to help keep you eyes, heart, and mind open to whatever He has in store. Also, be sure that you have truly placed the situation in his hands. Don’t keep grasping onto you’re problem continually trying to make things go your way instead of God’s.

You also need to remember that each day the Lord has given you is a gift to be cherished. Each day you more than likely see other people, right? Family, friends, strangers. Whomever you may see today and everyday from here on, you have a chance to fulfill God’s second (and first) greatest commandments. Love.

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Matthew 22:27-29

You can easily fulfill this commandment everyday. Hold open the door for someone or do the dishes. I like to play a game whenever I go out places. I smile and see how many smiles I can get back. Just smiling can be a small show of kindness even though it doesn’t seem like much.

Today for instance, Boy Scouts were selling their five dollar coupon cards. My mom bought one. This other cute little boy asked a lady and she said no. Even if you may not use it buying something small like that can really make a kid happy. I used to sell Girl Scout cookies and I remember how happy it made me feel when someone bought some because I asked.

Something else wonderfully kind you can do, although this can cost a bit more money, is buying the food of the person behind you in line at a fast food place. If you ask the person that works there how much theirs is they will tell you. You can ask the worker to then say   God bless. That happened to me and my family one time and we thought it was so kind. We were very grateful and it inspired it us to do it for others. That is another great thing, your kindness can spread. I don’t want you start thinking love always means money because that is by no means the case. The things I first mentioned, as well as many others, are completely free. You just have to be willing to do them.

So you see? No matter who you see or what you do you can spread the love. ❤ Be creative! Challenge yourself each day to see how much more you can fulfill the Lord’s second greatest commandment more than you did the day before. Even if you aren’t changing the whole world you are changing someone’s world! That person could in turn change someone else’s world and on and on and on. In a way you truly are changing the world. So, no more excuses!! Go change spread the Lord’s wonderful love and change the world!!!! ❤


Happy Easter guys!!! God bless and spread the love! :))


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