Make the Most of Your Life

Make it count! Life’s just passing right on by, whether you want it to or not. Time waits for no one. Isn’t that what people say? No matter what people say, what does our Heavenly Father say? When we look to scripture it says many things about how short our time on earth is.

Man is like to vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away.

                        Psalm 144:4 KJV

Today’s Sunday sermon was an inspiration for me. Our pastor, Joe, talked about not wasting the gifts and talents the Lord has given us. He mostly based his sermon on Matthew 25: 13-40.

He said something great that I would very much like to share with you all. He is a very organized, I guess you could say, preacher. He likes to have several points that he shares with us that we can write in our notes if we would like. He then divulges, explains, and teaches from the point he shared before continuing on to the next one he has. I really like the way he does that but I am, as usual, drifting from my main point. The first thing he had for us today was this;

I don’t own anything, it’s just on loan from God.

To help explain he spoke about how some churches might give someone some money, say a hundred dollars, to use and go bless others with. You would have great fun doing that by taking someone out to lunch or buying their groceries. That is all wonderful but it is much easier to go spend someone elses money to bless others than it is to use your own.

Keep in mind that was not his exact words nor his whole sermon. He was not trying to have a ‘you need to give more money in the offering plate’ sermon. I know from the tidbit I just shared it may have appeared that way.

The point I am trying to make is that it is much easier to give and share with others, whether it be your time, money, or talents when it is not really yours in the first place. Every single thing we have is a gift and a wonderful treasure from God. Yes you may not have as much as others but you can go out into the world with whatever it is you have and show God what you can do. Make the absolute most with what you have! God gives us all exactly what we need to share His glory and love with the world!!

Like the guys in the verses in Matthew go share your talent(s) with the world and gain even more than what you had when you started. Those verses show us that hiding our gifts is a sin and when we hide what Jesus has given us we show that we are wicked and lazy. Hiding our talents may actually cause the Lord to take them away. After all, if you gave someone something wonderful for them to share with others and they just hid it away to never use it, wouldn’t you want to take it back and give it to someone who would?

So what’s holding you back? Is it fear? Fear of failing and falling flat on your rump maybe? If so that is reasonable. After all every person has fear but it is also pretty silly to let it stand in the way of you and greatness. To let it stand in the way of you and God’s will. For this fear Joe made another excellent point. Do you remember Peter? You know the apostle? Now, do you remember his biggest failure?

Yep, that’s right, he denied Jesus three times. He knew that Jesus was (is) Lord in his heart but he let fear get the best of him. If I recall correctly he wept when he realized what he had done. His denial and betrayal of Jesus Christ was devastating. Here’s the wonderful part. He didn’t let that failure dictate the rest of his decisions. He didn’t just give up trying anymore because he was afraid of failing again. I’m sure he was still afraid but he didn’t let his fear control him any longer. Instead, just 50 days later after his hugest failure you’ll read in Acts 2 how he spoke and brought many to Christ!! I don’t know about you but to me that is a great you ‘fall down and get back up again’ example.

Each and everyday we have here on this earth is a precious gift from the Lord. Tomorrow is not a guarantee!!!! We can’t let our fear and our worries control our actions, our words, and our lives any longer!

For I the Lord, thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not; I will help thee. Isiah 41:13

God is right here with us! We don’t have to fear anything with He who is greater than the world by our side. Keep in mind that He is a loving God but that doesn’t mean we will never fall. A parent could be right beside their child and they could still fall and scrape their knee. The fact that the child fell doesn’t mean that the parent loves them any less. Just like our earthly parents do here on earth when we fall God picks us up and tends to our hurts. He helps us to continue walking.

Time flies. We are as dust in the wind. Our lives here on earth are NOTHING compared to our eternity with God! The pain and sorrow, the most unimaginable pain we could or do suffer on this earth, in this blink of an eye we call life is not ANYTHING compared to a perfectly unimaginable ETERNITY with out Lord Jesus Christ in heaven.

We all will leave this world with what we came into it with. Like the Bible says, store up your riches in heaven because, a duh, having treasure for eternity is wayyy better than having it for such a short time. I mean come on people it’s commonsense. Persons do so much for money and objects and temporary pleasure. After all people go through for those things that don’t even matter in the end, wouldn’t it be better to love a wonderful God and love others to get a much better reward that you get to keep forever?? Shoo, being with God forever? Sign me up! Oh, wait- I already am!

When we are all inevitably gone from this earth whatever you are going through won’t even matter. Have bills and no money to pay them with? Big test coming up? Whatever your struggles big or small, all that matters when the stories told is your love for Jesus Christ. I’m not saying that the problems you have now are unimportant or anything, but I am saying that you need to trust God to take care of you because He will. Don’t let inconsequential things weigh on your soul. When you focus on God the world around you grows strangely dim. If you want to freak out over something freak out about all the people that need saving because the cold hard truth is the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. So many people haven’t accepted Him yet and if they die without doing that they will go to hell. Jesus is the way to a happy eternity with God. I don’t want anyone to go to go to hell, especially if I could have done something to prevent it.

To wrap this little blog post up with a pretty little bow, the whole moral of all that you just read is, don’t let the fear of failure, or the fear of anything else for that matter, stop you from sharing your wonderful talents and gifts with the world!Jump out there proclaiming our Christ’s name!

I know that for me I want to make the absolute most of my life. I only get one chance here on earth to glorify my God and prove to Him my faith. If my life must contain regrets, and I’m sure it will, I would much rather it be filled with the mistakes I made from stepping out there. Not with mistakes I’ve made from hiding in my turtle’s shell. I don’t want the what ifs created from not trying. The mistakes made from not doing and I’m sure you don’t either. I’m afraid too but I am going to do my best not to keep from trying because of silly ‘ol fear! Yes, I just called fear silly and that’s because it is when you compare it to everything God is.




I was trying to quickly get this post up quickly so I’m sure there are many mistakes. I will go through and work on them all very soon!!! I just wanted to give you guys something to read since I have been lame and have not posted in forever. Sorry and I hope you all enjoy! 🙂


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