12507438_720374268063531_7935065440884385030_nMy name is Oliviah. I am 16, home schooled , and a Junior in high school. I love chocolate, reading, and writing  among many other things. I dance crazy when I am in my room or doing the dishes. Most importantly I have given my life to the Lord.

   This whole blog is mostly just my opinions, thoughts, and beliefs. They may not always coincide with yours! I am only human so chances are I will make mistakes and occasionally have the wrong information. If that happens I am sorry but I will always do my best to have things accurate. Sometime in the future I will also be posting some of my photos because photography is something else I like to do for fun. So browse around and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Oliviah…

    I love your picture. Have you notice that you are making eye contact; at least to me you are?!

    Lovely smile too.

    These are all wonderful ways to draw your blog readers in. I wish you the highest and best with your new blog. I have read several of your posts, and can already see the effort placed.

    Your About is my favorite, because in a few short sentences, you said Hello World, I’m Oliviah!

    Keep growing. Stay fresh, and on God’s GPS!

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